Creating Luxurious and Timeless Spaces

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Who We Are

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 612 Design offers residential design services and remodel resources for kitchen and bathroom remodeling, as well as whole house renovations. We work with homeowners, general contractors and specialty contractors alike. Led by Eric Carter, our professional services are available on-site within 400 miles of Minneapolis and virtually nationwide, including Design Consulting, Material Specifying, Contractor Resources, and the $499 Design consultation. At 612 Design, we take a value-minded approach in creating beautiful kitchens and bathrooms that provide the "Wow!" factor our clients truly love. Our homes have been featured in prestigious publications, including Luxe, Fine Homebuilding, Thermador's Kitchen Design Challenge, and more.

What We Do

We’re dedicated to creating luxurious and timeless living spaces at affordable prices—with stylish designs and gorgeous products and materials that offer the best bang for your buck. Our design ideas and remodel advice are also carefully thought-out to maximize your home value and future resale. Just as if we were remodeling our own home, we'll recommend smart designs, quality materials and the latest installation methods that are both beautiful and cost-efficient. Of course, this means working with skilled contractors who strive to ensure every facet of construction is implemented with uncompromising craftsmanship.

How We Do It

We’ll listen to your remodel needs and project wish list, and we’ll create a customized design that's aesthetically stunning and everyday comfortable—a functional design that provides the best use of space for your family and entertainment needs. Our designers will collaborate with you and our established network of quality suppliers and contractors in order to create your dream home. From inspirational design ideas, expert remodel advice and vivid 3D concept drawings to selecting beautiful materials and working with reputable contractors that know how to get the job done right, you’ll receive thoughtful remodel guidance every step of the way—from design concept to project completion.

Affordable, Flat Fee

When it comes to hiring 612 Design for your remodel project, our design team can work with you on-site (in-person) if your project is located within 400 miles of Minneapolis. Or we can work with you virtually via video chat meetings, phone and email communication. At 612 Design, our services are customized to meet your specific project needs—all for a simple, flat fee that’s affordable on almost any budget. We accept checks and all major credit cards for easy and convenient payment.

Why 612 Design?

We can provide you with the vision, value and results you’re looking for. Whether your project is a major renovation or cosmetic makeover, we’ll provide the interior design services and construction resources that’s needed for a successful remodel—all with the personal service and attention to detail you desire and deserve. You’ll also receive our best negotiated pricing and discounts from our suppliers and contractors on all labor and materials for your remodel project. While we’re proud of our client testimonials, we’re also a recognized member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association, 5-star rated on Houzz, Google, HomeAdvisor and A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau.

Remodeling 101

How much will my remodel cost? Unless you have detailed construction drawings and have selected all of your materials, it’s difficult to provide an exact remodel cost—all of which our services can achieve. When it comes to a quality kitchen, bath or home remodel, the design, finishes and options are really what determines the bulk of the project costs. For example, you could spend $2,000, $10,000 or $20,000 (or more) on a new kitchen appliance package. Likewise, you could select custom cabinetry or inexpensive box cabinets; unique quartz countertops or big-box store common granite; solid stone tile or porcelain; and the list of choices and options goes on. While there's always ways to cut costs and save (or spend) money, we recommend remodeling your kitchen or bathroom to match the quality and value of your home and neighborhood. In other words, we wouldn't recommend spending $20,000 on a kitchen appliance package in a $300,000 home, nor would we recommend installing inexpensive box cabinets in a luxury home.

Shop With Us

Do you live outside the Minneapolis-St. Paul area? If so, you can drive or fly into Minneapolis for your project design meetings and shop our supplier showrooms for materials in-person with Eric Carter and our designers. Our local and national suppliers like Ferguson, ProSource, The Tile Shop and others will deliver your selections and purchases to your home anywhere nationwide, including from Wayfair, Houzz and Target. When visiting the Twin Cities, we recommend flying with Delta airlines and staying at the Radisson Blu Mall of America hotel, which offers complimentary shuttle service and is conveniently located across from the MSP airport. It’s a lovely 4-star hotel that’s connected to the fabulous Mall of America with over 500 fine retail stores and restaurants.


Did you know? Eric Carter received a $10,000 tip from a client because of his exceptional service. The project was a major renovation on a luxury home with a budget of $1,000,000.