Beautiful and Functional Designs

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Who We Are

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 612 Design provides full-service interior design for residential remodeling and new construction. We specialize in custom kitchen and bath remodels and whole house renovations. Led by Eric Carter, our flat fee services are available on-site in greater Minneapolis-Saint Paul and virtually nationwide via video conferencing, phone and email. From design concept to project completion, we collaborate with homeowners, material suppliers, contractors and builders to achieve the look of affordable luxury in every home.

What We Do

We take a value-minded approach to designing luxurious and timeless spaces. Cohesive, personalized kitchens, baths and homes with functional designs and beautiful materials that offer the best bang for your buck—and maximize your home value. Our dedicated team of expert designers will thoughtfully work with you throughout the design and material selection phase to create a customized space that provides the “Wow” factor you truly desire and will love. We also have a preferred network of skilled specialty contractors and general contractors who are capable of ensuring every facet of construction is implemented according to your design plans—with quality craftsmanship by reputable contractors who stand behind their work. From start to finish, we’ll strive to provide you with smart, creative design inspiration and insightful guidance every step of the way.

The Process

It starts with a free phone consultation. Depending on your location, we’ll then schedule an in-home visit or video conference meeting to review your project wish list. If you accept our proposal of services and flat fee for your project, we’ll begin the design phase by creating detailed 3D and 2D concept drawings of your redesigned or new space. We’ll shop with you in-person (or virtually) to select all of your materials at the supplier showrooms. And we’ll help make sure selecting the right designs and materials is enjoyable, organized and stress-free. As soon as your design drawings and material selections are finalized, the contractors can provide bids for the construction work. Once you approve the bids, the exciting construction phase can begin—where you can either save some money by managing your own project and scheduling our preferred specialty contractors, or you can hire one of our preferred general contractors who will manage your project and scheduling for you.

Project Cost

Depending on the size, options and quality of materials, a complete kitchen or bathroom remodel or new build could range in cost from $15,000 to $50,000 or more. Until we create your design drawings, select your materials and have contractor bids for the construction work, it’s difficult to provide an approximate project cost—as there’s so many design and material choices. As for how much you should budget for your project, we recommend that you should match the quality and estimated value of your home, which will help maximize your investment. In other words, you’ll typically choose different designs and materials if your home value is $250,000, $500,000 or $1,000,000 or more.

Why 612 Design?

Whether you’re remodeling or building, we can provide the vision, value and results you’re looking for—with the attention to detail and personal service you deserve. Whatever your project size or location, our professional services are available for a simple, flat fee. And you’ll receive our best available discounts and pricing from the material suppliers and contractors with complete transparency—which can save you money and puts you in control of your project budget. As a 5-star and A+ rated design firm, our homes have been featured in Luxe, Fine Homebuilding, Thermador's Kitchen Design Challenge and others.