Expert Designer and Remodeler


Designer. Builder. Real Estate Savvy.

With over 15 years experience of working on luxury home renovations, Eric Carter brings his energy, enthusiasm and expertise to every client project. As the founder of 612 Design and a former general contractor, Eric has the design know-how and construction knowledge to get the job done. Eric takes pride in turning outdated houses into modern, well-planned homes that offer timeless styling and beauty, which he's done countless times with amazing results. He’s a tireless perfectionist who is known for his attention to detail and exceptional taste. And his motto "I'm flexible, so long as it's perfect" is what Eric expects for results on his projects. Eric not only strives to create stunning living spaces to meet the current lifestyle and budget demands of each client, but he also offers his expert real estate insight on how to make smart design and construction choices to maximize the renovation investment and home value on every project. Before making a career change to interior design and remodeling, Eric’s professional career began in Dallas, Texas during college in the health and fitness industry—something he’s passionate about and follows closely. Eventually, Eric got his start in kitchen and bath design and luxury home remodeling by flipping high-end homes in Minneapolis-St.Paul and Denver, where Eric worked with award-winning designers and builders by his direction to renovate homes for resale. This rewarding success created an instant following of neighbors and home buyers who wanted to hire Eric to design and remodel their homes, which launched Eric’s business that evolved into 612 Design. Click here to see Eric Carter talk about 612 Design.