Expert Designer and Remodeler

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Designer. Builder. Real Estate Savvy.

With over 15 years experience of working on high-end home renovations, Eric Carter brings his energy, enthusiasm and expertise to every project. As the founder of 612 Design and former general contractor in Colorado and Minnesota, Eric is the lead designer on all of his kitchen, bathroom and home remodel projects. He takes great pride in turning outdated houses into modern, well-planned homes that offer timeless styling and beauty—with value-driven perspective to custom home remodeling. Eric is a tireless perfectionist who has hands-on experience working with structural engineers and architects to open up (and move) load-bearing walls and reconfigure floor plans, which he's done countless times with jaw-dropping results. Eric is known for his attention to detail and exceptional taste, and he feels each project design is like a puzzle; and it's his job to provide functional designs that work and make financial sense. He is often praised for his creative space planning and problem-solving design solutions. Eric's motto, "I'm flexible, so long as it's perfect" is what he expects for results on every project. However, working with discerning homeowners on high-end remodels often requires Eric to wear many hats, including interior designer, home builder, real estate agent, cheerleader and marriage counselor.

Eric not only strives to create stunning living spaces to meet the current lifestyle and budget demands of every client, but he also offers his knowledgeable real estate insight on how to make smart design and construction choices to maximize your home value. That's because Eric also works with real estate investors who hire him to redesign and renovate outdated homes in fantastic neighborhoods that are later sold (or flipped) to excited and grateful home buyers—all of which helps increase neighborhood home values and provides jobs and taxes in the city where the properties are located. By having his finger on the pulse of the ever-changing real estate market, Eric confidently knows the current trends (and mistakes) that can help or hurt home values in luxury home remodeling and new construction.


The Personal Side

Eric Carter has a passion for exquisite interior design and stunning architecture. However, as a Minnesota native, Eric wanted to be a park ranger or police officer when he was young because of his positive experience as a Boy Scout—even after he won an art contest in elementary school and dreamed of being an architect someday. Besides living in the Twin Cities, Eric has also lived in Denver, Scottsdale and Dallas, where he attended college in Fort Worth, Texas while working with physical therapy patients at Huguley Hospital—before eventually embarking on his rewarding career in kitchen and bath design and remodeling. When Eric doesn’t have to be serious or focused on work, he loves to laugh, have fun and has quite the sense of humor. He likes to relax by spending time near the lakes or ocean and enjoying all the culture and things to do in both small towns and big cities, especially greater Los Angeles and San Francisco. Eric loves healthy cooking and dining out at specialty restaurants that offer fabulous food and wine with beautiful ambiance. He also enjoys an active lifestyle filled with exercise, concerts, sporting events, art exhibits, museums and volunteering. Most importantly, Eric loves spending time together with his wonderful family and friends.


Did you know? While working in Dallas, Eric Carter met Toby Keith and got to know his band (at the time) Easy Money—long before Toby became a country music superstar. Eric has also attended memorable events with inspirational people ranging from Gloria Steinem to Mitt Romney to Luciano Pavarotti, among others.