612 Design performed a major home renovation on our Tudor style home, built in 1928. The renovation was a complete remodel of the 2nd floor living area, and the improvement of the 3rd floor extra room space. The remodel consisted of removing one bedroom on the 2nd floor and replacing it with a master bath attached to a remodeled master bedroom. In addition, a 2nd floor original bathroom was completely remodeled. Finally, a 3rd floor attic bonus area was converted into a new bedroom. The results were stunning, and my wife and I couldn’t be more pleased. From the design to the final completion, details and service were emphasized over and over. Eric is meticulous about design detail, and was a tireless advocate of quality finish and quality work. And it shows. When we disagreed over design aesthetic, he was assertive in his design opinion, but respectful in our final conclusion. He changed our minds more than once, and I can say that upon completion that I am glad he did. One often unheard of aspect to Eric and 612 Design – throughout our entire engagement with Eric, there was never a time when we called Eric and he failed to answer the phone immediately – and that is not an exaggeration. Whether things were going well or there were issues, Eric answered every single call without rolling over to voice mail. Dozens and dozens of times. For that aspect alone, we were very thankful. One other point I’d make about the 612 Design experience was the attention to clean-up. Demolition crews spent the final hour of every day cleaning up. Carpenters and finishers alike, all were very good about keeping the place clean. It seemed to be a point of emphasis with sub-contractors, and they adhered well. Overall, our satisfaction with the finished results of the remodel is at the highest level. In many ways, it exceeded our (high) expectations, and I’m certain it was in large part because of Eric’s intense personal interest in creating the best possible product.
We remodeled our kitchen and most of our first floor with 612 Design and we are absolutely thrilled with the result. We interviewed a number of other contractors and designers and Eric was the only one who immediately had ideas for the space. He responded with a detailed estimate within 24 hours and was ready to start right away. He helped us negotiate the best prices on our appliances and materials and offered detailed quotes from subcontractors for every part of the project. Eric was also incredibly responsive - he would answer calls, texts and emails immediately. Obviously no project is without issues but he was constantly looking out for ways to keep costs down while still delivering a high-end result. I think most importantly, he is able to get a good read for the homeowner’s style so you don’t have to make every single decision (he knows what works and more importantly, what doesn’t). We will be using Eric again for our bathroom remodeling projects and have already recommended him to friends and family.
For several years I thought about updating my home. But after hearing so many home remodeling nightmares, I put it off. I knew the look I wanted, but couldn’t find the right contractor to help me put it together. Then I found 612 Design and Eric Carter. With Eric’s expertise, I was able to transform my home from outdated to fabulous and timeless in just two months. Because of Eric, the entire experience was stress-free. Eric’s attention to detail, design guidance and follow through were first class. He helped me select finishes, suggested design concepts, negotiated discount prices on products and services, and he managed my kitchen and bathroom remodeling project flawlessly. I can honestly say that in this era of mediocre customer service, Eric Carter is a welcome exception. His design expertise and home renovation service exceeded all my expectations. He was a pleasure to work with, his taste is impeccable, and as a result my home is beautiful and updated. Thank you so much!
Eric Carter’s attention to detail, eye for design and customer service surpassed our expectations. He transformed our top-to-bottom fixer-upper into our dream house. What makes Eric stand out is his passion for excellence, integrity and genuine care for his customer. He was always there for us, 24/7, if we had any questions or just wanted to bounce ideas off of him. Having a designer, like Eric, with a great eye for design and perfectionism is priceless. We highly recommend Eric and look forward to working with him again on our next project.
Eric Carter guided us through an extensive remodel, with careful attention and knowledge all along the way. He has a good eye for design, was willing to voice opinions without overpowering our preferences, and yet still saw value and was willing to bring in outside design help when necessary. He did a great job with preliminary space planning and in the end we were very content with our layout and design. Eric demands high quality workmanship from his subs and we were pleased with the tradesmen onsite – both for their skill and their personas. Both Eric and his subs were very respectful of us as a family living in a construction site. In addition, he has a steady and positive manner. As with any project, we had highs and lows, and unexpected costs, but Eric never wavered in being positive, polite, and quick to come to a resolution. Instead of escalating a problem, he had the ability to talk us off the ledge. Finally, if we were not happy, then Eric was not happy and we believe he honestly wanted the best for us and our project.
Eric Carter from 612 Design brings his energy, knowledge and vision to all his projects. When working with him, you will enjoy the process and be thrilled with the results! I highly recommend trusting him with your home remodel projects.
Eric was great to work with on our total remodel. It was like having a designer and a contractor all in one! He helped us create a beautiful open floor plan. His suggestion to add large windows brought in so much natural light that every time I’m in the kitchen, it makes me happy. Thanks.
I was introduced to Eric Carter for my home remodeling project in Minneapolis, which included a kitchen, two bathrooms and my entire home. Eric convinced me that he could do a wonderful job for me, and as it turned out, he delivered the most beautiful place for me overlooking Lake Calhoun. He works with nothing but the best subcontractors, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Eric handled the entire project design and installation of everything that needed to be done with great detail. The workmanship was always first class and they did such an outstanding job and gave me the most beautiful place that I could ever imagine. The compliments I receive are never ending. And I would highly recommend Eric to anyone interested in remodeling their home as you can rest assured he will deliver what he promises – and he will give you a finished product that everyone will love and a home you can be proud of. I could never have imagined doing this without someone like Eric to follow through with everything that needed to be done, as I didn’t have the time to spend dealing with this enormous project. Eric is a real professional that’s honest and a pleasure to work with.
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Eric Carter in the remodeling of our home. Eric provided the highest level of customer service throughout the entire project. His guidance and commitment to detail was simply invaluable. Both my wife and I would give Eric Carter our highest recommendation and will use them again for our next home remodeling project.
Eric did a wonderful job remodeling my house! He had established contacts with top notch subcontractors who all did a fantastic job. Eric’s help with the design and selection of materials was a real time saver for me. My friends and family who saw the end result are truly amazed at how good everything looks. Eric also paid close attention to detail and supervised the workers to make sure everything was perfect. Eric is a wonderful and fun person to work with. And he did such a great job that I hired him for my bathroom remodeling project at one of my other properties. I’m very happy with how it all turned out.
Eric Carter has been wonderful to work with. From the beginning of my project to the very end, he was quickly able to understand the space and style I wanted with fresh ideas that I just loved. My home nearly doubled in finished square footage, and Eric’s design concepts yielded construction results that were amazing! I don’t know what I would have done without him - great vision and outstanding customer service. Many thanks to you and your team.
I worked with Eric Carter on a high-end home remodeling project in St. Paul, Minnesota. His services were organized and timely, and his business practice honest. Eric was cooperative, participated in problem solving, and communicated with the design team when necessary. Eric and his contractors were professional and a pleasure to work with. I recommend Eric Carter and his services with enthusiasm.
We truly appreciate the honesty, design ideas and recommendations that you provided during the renovation of our classic home. Thanks to Eric Carter, our home now has our dream kitchen and sunroom, along with a new bathroom and laundry room. Our family is forever grateful!
Eric Carter runs a first class organization with an expert staff that helped us with our project. I recommend you contact Eric for all your design and home remodeling needs.
Eric Carter is great, delivering high quality results to his clients every time. His projects are well organized and efficiently run. In addition, the level of transparency that he gives his clients allows them to see the value they’re getting when they work with him.
Eric Carter home services exceeded my expectations! The service, quality and attention to detail were all fabulous! I would highly recommend.
So much to say...Eric Carter of 612 Design is great to work with. His eye for detail and attentive scheduling rates among the best I have seen. Every project we worked on together ended with highly satisfied clients, as well as stunning remodels. The transformations he accomplishes are truly amazing. It is a pleasure working with Eric, and I will continue to pursue more exciting remodel projects with him in the future!
Eric is amazing! His customer service was the best I have ever experienced. He is available 24/7 if you have any questions of any sort. Eric is extremely detailed and made sure that the trades did a perfect job. Eric has a great eye for design! He always had great ideas. I would definitely use him again!