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Kitchen and Bathroom Virtual Design

Love your home, but hate your outdated kitchen or bathroom? Want a beautiful and functional new kitchen or bathroom that maximizes your home value? Whether your home is located in Los Angeles or New York or somewhere in between, our Virtual Design service can provide you with fresh design ideas that are smart, stylish and cost-efficient. This convenient and affordable design service is available via video chat from the comfort of your own home. Our Virtual Design service includes one hour of dedicated project consultation time with expert designer and remodeler Eric Carter via FaceTime or other video chat. You'll receive personalized remodel advice and customized 3D drawings of your new kitchen or bathroom, along with style, color, product and material recommendations. You get all this for only $499. Best of all, when you're ready to start your project, we can assist you with your remodel from concept to completion via video chat, email and phone support—all for only 5% of your estimated project budget. Questions? Call or contact our friendly design team today!

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Fresh Ideas, Smart Remodel Advice and 3D Drawings

Our team will collaborate with you to come up with a smart design that's customized to your space, style and budget. This is all done via video chat, email and phone support. From creative design ideas to 3D drawings, we'll provide the design vision you'll love.


Beautiful Products and Materials with Discount Prices

We'll recommend and specify beautiful products and materials for your kitchen, bath or entire home. We'll shop our quality supplier showrooms and online. Best of all, you'll receive our discount pricing of 10-50% off MSRP on most items.

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Reliable Contractors with Bottom Line Pricing

Our preferred contractors know how to get your project done right. You'll receive bottom line prices on labor and materials. We'll help make sure your remodel project stays on track with video chat, email and phone support from start to finish.


Example 3D and 2D Drawings



Design Ideas

Space Planning

Real Estate Advice

Budget Planning

Kitchen and Bath Design

2D and 3D Drawings

Cabinetry Drawings

Lighting Layout

Tile Design

Millwork Design

Material Specifying

Contractor Resourses

Negotiate Bids

Installation Specifications

Video Chat Project Visits




Plumbing Fixtures


Tile and Stone

Wood Flooring

Carpet, Vinyl and Cork

Lighting Fixtures

Decorative Hardware

Shower Doors and Glass


Closet Systems


Windows and Doors

Paint and Stain Colors


Structural Engineering






Heating and Air (HVAC)





Tile Installation

Flooring Installation

Finish Carpentry


It has been an absolute pleasure working with Eric Carter in the remodeling of our home. Eric provided the highest level of customer service throughout the entire project. His guidance and commitment to detail was simply invaluable. Both my wife and I would give Eric Carter our highest recommendation and will use them for our next home remodeling project.

Get your design started for only $499*


Take a few good pictures and basic room measurements of your existing kitchen or bathroom.


Click on the button "Get Started" and answer the detailed questions about your remodel.


After you submit the form and payment, attach your photos and schedule your consultation.

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*$499 includes one hour of personalized project consultation time with Eric Carter via video chat. You'll also receive customized 3D drawings of your new space, along with style, color, product and material recommendations.